Press Speech By The Father Of Creation SATGURU MAHARAJ JI

Press Speech By The Father Of Creation SATGURU MAHARAJ JI

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Oh blessings to everyone This is our father Satguru Maharaj Ji The Living Perfect Master of this age The Father of Creation talking to you from the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth the highest ritual center of the universe the center of conflict resolution and by knowledge of immortality kilometer 10 the Ibadan Lagos, Ibadan Lagos Expressway opposite odo non kakar Ibadan capital city of Oyo state Nigeria ecowas region. Today happens to be the day that i was born physically 75 years ago a day of the eclipse of the Sun and that day people started running Sketcher is the world coming to an end what is it what’s the hope for man is it a conspiracy against man is man fed up with his health why why is the sun now being covered at the end of the day people now discover that a savior is born unto this earth I know since that day life has never been the same because as a child one grew up yes in a middle class family and As a prince the Bonafide Prince for that matter from Olu badan Rooney house in NigeOyo Ibadan I didn’t have any scrubbles any problems but today I’m able to look back to know that I was just going in to know about what is happening so that we’re in a better position to deal with all the challenges facing Humanity particularly about life for life has no predicate no alternative Life Is Life and it is in this life we find everything but like electricity you cannot hold it it’s a vibration within man that sustains man sustain the whole creation as and so man has find it very difficult to perceive this very very you know very [Music] special the grace of the Creator within man [Music] but that’s the best 20 December 91 what’s the first step the clue for everybody to know about himself herself who he or she is where he or she has been where he has he or she has been living and what made that person had to be a human being a man or woman boy or girl businessman accountant lawyer or even the good or the dog because they all talk he carry vibration nobody taught them how to find food for themselves like the chameleon that changes always want to cooperate to the one with whatever it is or the bee that makes honey oh yeah and so before I realize it January one 1980 I am in knowledge Divine knowledge of the Creator Within and was wonderful because earlier on my predecessor the vehicle I use them coming onto this Earth Shri his Holiness Shri Prem Pal Rawat then the Guru Maharaj Ji of the time I told them in USA a country where his presence changed the country into God’s own country that they are my friends in this University of Pennsylvania I want to tell you something that look there’s somebody who’s coming after me Who is going to teach you about what the creation not only the Titan race the Golden Age of life follow him and you are going to win that person’s name is Muhammad saheed this is me Dan Ibrahim yeah the son of Ibrahim to go by the local Palace traditional Palace yes they gave me so many names but I am Akonji Ajirotan Akibami Muhammad saheed Dan Ibarahim you see also January 1980 and I parked my load getting ready so 17 July I landed in Africa hey the true name of the Creater is MAHARAJ JI you say what… MAHARAJ JI I say you can see it let us try this is a new car this car can fly can go on sea on air on land and even it can disappear when there is danger oh yes to prove that man is the true perfect image of the creator you say oh no my friends I can’t believe it I saying hm mu O boy you don’t allow what the Bible said to affect you say look material things will come and go but you if you go you won’t come back again if you allow the things of this world to hold you’ll be in trouble so some listen some say no some say okay I will try and those who cry had experience and believed and had knowledge and those who are today making Nigeria Africa and the world yes become a safe place for them and you know what has happened so many lives have been lost so many have climbed to the ladder of him some are made breakthroughs all over but in spite of a scientific Innovations to provide airplane cars TVs even the phone that is ringing now man has not taken his step to the human heart yes life has now become more miserable more tolerant see the killing and in the Middle East booming here and there when so to speak is they say in the books where written from are you going to go to China there’s fight Covid 19 is reappering even they falsified the information and so they are paying for the karma What about South Vietnam there’s fight South Korea that area everybody is fighting ah why is King Jonh just testing his ballistic missile like that is he preparing for war you don’t need to tell him he’s prepareing for war in the absence of Light what do you see Darkness Japan is there Australia there Europe is facing it thunderstorm here and there if you go to U.S now they are battling with what is happening in California man thunderstorms wind blowing almost 3 million this place California the biggest state you know economics state or what you call it he states that try to serve us a state of you know the best in the world so you can see I don’t need to talk about South Africa where you have battling with you know the diamon is crazy after all efforts to free Mandela bring about democracy there it’s now becoming what the diamon is crazy why because the independence they got is gradually sleeping from their hands instead of making laws to make it mandatory that jobless people should be given what something at the end of the month and a law of making sure that all South Africans are giving accommodation the money is there all you have to do is ask Putin what Sunak [Music] um Joe Biden to pump in some money there they will build your houses and we pay for it for the next billion years the Creator will not be annoying but because people don’t have the light they are fill up with Impurities yes just like somebody who has been eating for 100 days without going to toilet how do you think the person will look like that’s what is affecting almost all the world leader and except few that is in knowledge Like papa Buhari he’s in knowlage he’s with Maharaj Ji so he has been made what the anti-corruption sir but how effective what you know movements actions on this area is something nice you talk about it later but let’s talk about Divine knowledge that I’m talking about Divine knowledge is opening the third eye for you to go beyond rhetorics the horse on paper religion religion will tell you how to die to see Jesus Christ yes you have to die to see Prophet Muhammad you have to start receive Buddha Krishna it doesn’t matter what about the control or paint or print in your brain it will be reducing the span of life because we are still with impurities arising from your actions whether good or bad yeah that why human beings we used to live two thousand three thousand now it has gotten into a silly when the Oyinboman saying you can’t go beyond 71 years I they the creator no they are not but they have almost succeeded he tried to show that they are the Creator because instead of allowing you to seek for light they say carry the Quran carry the Bible and you know you have to read you have to go to school before you can read the Quran or the bible but we did not go to school to know the sun the Moon the star Garry Amala Pizza No it there you eat it so why are you telling me that this

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