Nigeria Is The Only Key To Global Peace

Nigeria Is The Only Key To Global Peace

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Knowledge is a Divine gift of the Creator to His Children. The moment one receives Divine Knowledge, life becomes meaningful, easier and blissful. The Noah’s Boat of this Age is on sail now. Make haste and come in before it is too late! The world has to be cleansed and all irrespective of status must give a convincing account of his actions and inactions to qualify for entry into the Golden Age of Life. The Auditor General of the Universe is gradually and steadily auditing the accounts of mortals under the sun. The audition exercise is not subject to human understanding and comprehension. It is Divine and beyond human intellect. It is ample time for one to okay his/her passport or Divine identity card to sail through into the new world. Don’t forget, it is said: “what will it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?” “My people are dying and still dying for lack of Divine Knowledge.” Take not a step without Maharaj Ji and His Divine Knowledge because many have gone for failing to heed this message of Truth. Make haste because tomorrow may be too late!

Divine Knowledge


1. One will regain his total image with his father, Maharaj Ji.
2. One will seek for solutions to his problems from within himself.
3. One becomes immortal and a permanent landlord on earth.
4. One becomes highly creative, inventive and productive. No more a consumer.
5. One becomes drunk in bliss because the Kingdom of Heaven has been established within him.
6. One will enjoy profound peace and flourish in the land.
7. One enjoys full co-operation of all the Seven Elements in Creation namely: the Sun, Moon, Star, Air, Water, Earth, Fire/Thunder which will work in tandem with him for a safer environment.
8. One will reap bountiful harvest with plenty to eat, drink and be merry at all times in life. In orderwords, struggling automatically comes to an end.
9. Satguru Maharaj Ji as the Universal Converter will convert all of one’s negativities to positivities for him to harness for his own good and upliftment to the glory of Maharaj Ji.
10. One will unite with all the plants, trees and animals as well as understand their language and what they are.

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