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SATGURU MAHARAJ JI Done Come Again Ooh! 

GURU say make we call am anywere we dey O, igo come help we O. Me dey think say na joke O. De day I call am for our village when my woman no fit born pikin, ino take 30 minutes my woman come born bady boy. Na him I com know say GURU MAHARAJ JI pass belief O and get power O. GURU MAHARAJ JI say, make we love am, and igo love and protect we, on land, sea and air. GURU dey call everybody to come with him problem, make him swallow am and for we to go free. Na Maharaj Ji be dat true Nmae of the spirit of Baba God way de Pope, the imams, the bishops de hide from we. Guru Maharaj Ji go bless we when we come for him place and Satan go de fear we, anywhere Satan see we O, Dis one na de best news for we dis year and forever O! Guru Maharaj Ji Thank You Ooo.

Father Of Creation In The Thorn Of Grace
Ask anybody who wishes to deceive you about The Lord SATGURU MAHARAJ JI to swear with the Seven Elements in Creation ( Water, Earth, Fire, Air, Moon, Stars, Sun ) and/or the bible, Koran and the Deities that SATGURU MAHARAJ JI is not the One, if he/she wants to be taken seriously


The Beast News In Creation Today; WHAT IS THE NEWS ALL ABOUT ? It is about Satguru Maharaj Ji. The body the Creator is using to express Himself to mankind is physically living on Earth now. That same VOICE that was there at the beginning is here again. beckoning on you now to bring Him all your problems for you to experience Heaven on Earth. Call the name SATGURU MAHARAJ JI wherever you are and your problems will fly away forever.
With SATGURU MAHARAJ JI you are 100% free from all forms of physical and spiritual attacks. To experience many times as you can silently from your Heart and He will show you a natural way to live a more productive and progressive life. Don’t believe, try, test and see.
SATGURUR MAHARAJ JI is humanity’s last hope now for all socio-economic, political, technological. scientific innovations and spiritual perfection in all ramifications. With Him no power can shake you again. Catch Him now. He is the Savior of our time. Delay is dangerous.