Living Perfect Master

LIVING PERFECT MASTER does not come on its own. The coming of a Living Perfect Master at any time is Divinely controlled. When the almighty Father sees that there is plenty of trouble, confusion, and a lot of discontentment, which is He transforms and enters into a human body as an Avarter, Messiah Messenger. This is with a view to bringing peace, joy, and contentment among the people. There is not more than one at a particular period.


Circumstances warranting the coming of Living Perfect Masters have virtually remained the same from time to time. This include-break the down of moral and ethical values. Presence of all indices of darkness l.e. socio-economic and spiritual depression. The period is normally characterized by imminent catastrophe if unchecked (i.e., events that happen are usually beyond human control.

The Living Perfect Master Satguru Maharaj Ji is an embodiment of love, compassion, mercy, wisdom, peace, harmony, and unity. He is the source of Supreme Primordial energy that sustains the whole universe.

From the Living Perfect master oozes purified energy. This energy causes an outburst of activities which brings about a boom in the economy of the people who embrace, love, and obey the Master wholeheartedly, it also results in technological breakthroughs and political stability. These happen as a result of spiritual likely going to result in global chaos, and liberation of the people in that nation.

A PERFECT Master is one that reveals the life force in us. Life force is Perfect. It is not created; it does not die. But it is covered by the effect of negative acts of man, just as one finds a Master in various fields of endeavor, so also is the truth of self-realization. Whoever reveals that self-generating Energy in us is called a Perfect Master


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